Georgia Employer BUS PERSON, DISHWASHER, DISHWASHING in Peachtree City, Georgia

Job Description POSITION TITLE: DishwasherFLSA STATUS:Hourly/Non-exempt JOB CODE:APPROVED BY:Executive Director DEPARTMENT:Dining Services APPROVED DATE: SUPVR TITLE:Executive ChefUPDATED: Position Summary A Utility Worker assists with weekly inventory, receives all vendor deliveries, checks in, unpacks and stores products. This position also washes and sanitizes cooking and serving items as well as kitchen equipment, walls, and floors. The Utility Worker supports the Dining Services department's mission of delivering quality service. Essential Responsibilities #Essential ResponsibilityTime Interval 1Wash and sanitize all dishes, pots and pans, food carts, and food preparation equipment (including ovens and ranges).Daily 2Empty kitchen garbage/trash and sanitize containers as needed.Daily 3Check in, unpack, and store dry goods, cleaning supplies, and cold stock.Daily 4Oversee and maintain food storage areas; when necessary, assist in cleaning of food service areas and heavy equipment.As needed 5Pull frozen meats to be used on following days and return unused items to freezer.Daily 6Sweep and mop kitchen floors. Maintain cleanliness of all walls in kitchen and serving areas.Daily 7Assist with buffet set up and special functions. As needed 8Demonstrate positive resident relations and facility's quality care and service standards to residents, families, and guests. Maintain positive, cheerful attitude at all times. Daily 9Follow sanitation guidelines.DAILY 10Perform other duties as assigned. Attend in-service classes and staff meetings.As needed Minimum Job Qualifications Level of Education Prefer high school diploma or equivalent (GED) TECHNICAL OR PROFESSIONAL LICENSE(S)/CERTIFICATION(S) Level of Experience Prefer at least 1 year of related work experience General Knowledge/Skills/Abilities Ability to read and write, follow written and oral instructions and communicate effectively in English. Ability to work with the elderly in a courteous and friendly manner, demonstrating patience and compassion. Technical Skills Inside-Outside Work Contacts Primary contacts are with co-workers, supervisor, and residents. Supervision The position falls under the direct supervision of the Executive Chef. The position is not required to supervise or direct other employees. Physical/Environmental Demands Physical/Sensory On a daily basis, throughout the workday: Must be capable of sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs, reaching, turning, bending, stooping, crouching and kneeling, reaching over the head, grasping with both hands, and fine manipulation. Must physically be able to lift up to 60 pounds unassisted. Must have normal eyesight or use corrective lenses to attain normal eyesight. Must have three-dimensional vision and ability to judge distances and spatial relationships so as to see objects where and as they actually are. Must be able to recognize colors. Must be able to hear and distinguish between normal tones and be able to perceive the nature of sounds. Must be able to exchange ideas by means of the spoken word as well as engage in activities to convey detailed or spoken instructions to other workers accurately, loudly, and/or quickly. Must have normal sense of touch and smell. Work Environment Works in well-lighted, well ventilated building. Must be able to tolerate exposure to heat, cold, water, fumes, odors, dust, etc., as well as some noise. Subject to frequent interruptions. Subject to hostile or emotionally upset individuals. Must be willing to work, when necessary, beyond normal working hours and on weekends, as well as in other positions as necessary. Risk/Safety The position requires moderate exposure to risk to physical and/or mental health and safety (i.e., equipment failure, communicable disease, etc). Exposure Classification Work related tasks assigned to this position involve the potentia