Georgia Employer DOCUMENT IMAGE TECHNICIAN LEAD in Decatur, Georgia

JOB FUNCTION: Under close supervision, Document Image Technician Lead performs tasks involving the use of document scanners, and indexing software. Follows proper procedures to perform daily operations of document imaging, processing, and indexing of client records. The Document Image Technician may perform one or more of the typical responsibilities associated with the functions of prepping operations, document indexing and scanning. Errors have the potential for causing client problems, delay, expense and/or disruption to client and/or CIOX Health. The Document Image Technician Lead will also assist the Area Manager/Imaging Site Manager in training, staffing, and providing coverage at various sites for the Client Services Representatives. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 100% Confidentiality * Maintains confidentiality by keeping all information seen and heard in the facility in the strictest confidence. * Will never compromise client record integrity in any way such as; deleting images without replacing same or not scanning all documents required, not correcting bad images when discovered, or indexing incorrect information on records. Productivity and Quality * Maintains productivity, quality and assures customer service standards. General Responsibilities * Prepping: - Will meet productivity standards as established by the Company - Will write the correct account numbers of every chart - Will log every account that was prepped - Will remove all staples from all records - Will tape all loose items on all records - Will remove all hanging chads from punch holes - Will unbend any folded corners on documents - Will mark poor quality documents with the poor quality stamp - Will ensure that every page belongs to appropriate account - Will ensure that documents are separated properly - Will move boxes as requir ed and according to safety guidelines (approximate weight = 35 lbs) * Scanning: - Will meet productivity standards as established by the Company - Will complete log books appropriately - Will ensure that the highest level of image quality possible is met - Will scan every document that you are assigned - Will prevent pages from double feeding while scanning - Will prevent skewed pages while scanning - Will mark every scanned batch with an "S" to indicate that scanning was completed - Will keep work area organized to prevent records from being boxed without being scanned * Indexing: - Will meet productivity standards as established by the Company - Will complete log books appropriately - Will catch, correct and report all prepping and scanning errors - Will assign the appropriate index values associated with each record - Will double check to ensure that demographics match the data found on the record Leadership Responsibilities * Assists the Area Manager/Imaging Site Man ager in the training and direction of the Document Image Technician positions. * Provides input to the Area Manager/Imaging Site Manager for the evaluation of the Document Image Technician positions. * Answers day to day questions posed by CIOX Health clients and the Document Image Technician positions. * Provides input into the review and revision of site procedure. ADDITIONAL JOB COMPONENTS: * Reports to work as scheduled. * Complies with all CIOX Health Policies, specifically, attendance and punctuality. * Attends mandatory employee in-service meetings and/or training sessions, if so directed. * Typically, works remotely accessing work related projects and tasks via VPN access. * Performs other duties as assigned. QUALIFICATIONS: Consideration for the role of Document Image Technician Lead requires all of the following: * A High School Diploma or GED is required. * Must be able to communicate effectively in the English language. * Experience in a medical records or health care setting would be beneficial. * Medical Terminology class is strongly encouraged.