Georgia Employer DELIVERY TRUCK DRIVER in Winder, Georgia

JOB TITLE: ROUTE DELIVERY DRIVERREPORTS TO: Route SupervisorBASIC FUNCTION: To deliver all products effectively to assigned accounts in the best professional manner possible, and rotate and merchandise all products. SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:1. Report to work at your assigned time.2. Wear Miller Brewing Company approved uniforms and safe footwear at all times.3. Must carry a valid and current class A CDL.4. Perform D.O.T. required pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections. 5. Verify daily truck load upon return with warehouse manager.6. Complete all sales invoices properly and accurately - double check for errors. Obtain DSD store copy and attach to all invoices.7. Merchandise all products delivered: a. Build and rotate displays b. Stock all coolers, shelves, back stock as needed. c. Face labels on all product when stocking cold box.10. Rotate all products on a "first-in first-out" basis to guarantee product freshness.11. Assist bulk merchandiser with the return of all Northeast Sales pallets. 12. Swap out all stress beer when you have been issued a swap invoice.13. Provide professional and courteous service at all times.14. Learn the name of each customer and become acquainted with their needs for Northeast Sales products.15. Communicate with bulk merchandiser to assure that all accounts have been properly serviced before returning to the warehouse.16. Advise your immediate supervisor of any problems or opportunities that may exist on your route.17. Park the delivery vehicle so as not to alienate or interfere with store's customers. Remove the key from the ignition and put it in your pocket. Lock the cab roll-up door when the vehicle is unattended. Before backing your truck, make sure there is nothing behind you!18. Check in all merchandise with a responsible clerk or employee during a delivery. Any discrepancies must be reported to Office Management before product can be delivered.19. You are responsible to safeguard company invoices, monies, and other company property under your control. All cash and checks are to be kept on you at all times.20. Complete all internal control records, forms, and reports properly and accurately.21. Report all competitive activities to the Sales Manager and to your Pre-Salesperson immediately.22. Check up with the night office administrator.(The office administrator will verify your deposit before putting your deposit in a sealed bank bag and placing the bag in the lock box in the office.23. This job requires a lot of physical lifting and handling of product. A case of product may weigh anywhere from twenty to sixty pounds. A fully loaded hand truck of product may weigh anywhere from 250 to 350 pounds. The number of cases that a driver is required to handle varies from day to day. It is not uncommon for a driver to handle several hundred to a couple of thousand cases of product each day. At times a driver may be required to deliver kegs. Kegs weigh anywhere from 100 to 185 pounds each. Some accounts have several stairs or a curb that the driver must pull a loaded hand truck up in order to make the delivery. The job requires overhead reaching, stooping, bending, Stacking, squatting, etc.24. Pick up empty kegs if the customer has any.25. Follow all Federal, State and Local alcohol laws.26. Follow all other company policies not specifically outlined in this job description.