General Purpose:GSSF competitions were designed as and remain an advertising, public relations, sales and customer support vehicle for GLOCK. The Match Coordinator/Rangemaster has full responsibility to coordinate and conduct GSSF matches across the country; ensure that all safety precautions have been addressed and that all administrative and organizational requirements are in place in order to facilitate a safe and successful match; while operating under little to no supervision. The instructional portion of this position is to provide safe and effective training for GLOCK product users and prospective GLOCK users.Essential Functions: Include the following; other duties may be assigned:1. GSSF MC/RM:Act as Chief RangeMaster or backup RM for GSSF matches. Oversight of all pre-match, on-site and post-match activities to ensure safety at all times, match quality and success.Document such activities to ensure internal coordination and cooperation within the GSSF program.Analyze and direct range layout of the Host Club facility to optimize a proper match layout that will facilitate a safe and successful competition. Conduct safety/match briefings for all Range Officer personnel and safety/competitor briefings to explain and be clear of what is expected of Range Officers and competitors alike and answer any questions they may have, in order to optimize a safe and successful competition.Exercise discretion and judgment as to the ability to conduct a safe competition in various range, weather, personnel, political or other significant conditions. Professionally and responsibly represent the company at all times.2. Instructor:Provide maximum safety of students; heed all firearm safety rules at all times.Maintain proficiency in use and understanding of GLOCK firearms. Provide classroom and range instruction using lesson plans, visual aids, demonstrations, and practical application in accordance with the approved training program and/or verbal guidance.Provide Armorer and Firearms Instructor Training.Instruct Armorers on how to best service and repair GLOCK pistols. Show other Firearms Instructors the best techniques available to enable them to properly train GLOCK users under their charge. Evaluate performance of class participants. Comply with established Quality and Safety Standards at all times.Represent GLOCK Professional, Inc. in a professional manner during training classes and other business functions to promote products and to provide technical support.Submit weekly expense reports to the Accounting Department.Analyze and control expenditures to conform to budgetary requirements.Education and/or Experience:2 - 5 years of related match experience and/or training; prefer a range officer certification and GLOCK armorer certification. 3 - 5 years related experience and/or training. Prefer eligible for POST Certification where applicable. Prefer certified firearms instructors with Law Enforcement, Military or NRA credentials. Physical Demands:The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to qualified employees or applicants with disabilities to perform the essential functions.While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to sit and stand for long periods of time; use fingers and hands to type on keyboards; work on computer for extended periods and lift/carry up to 85 pounds. Employee will be exposed to all weather conditions during matches, in handling materials outside and loading/unloading equipment and vehicles. The employee must be able to demonstrate various range techniques requiring standing, kneeling and prone positions. Personal safety protective equipment is required. The individual must be able to pass a shooting proficiency qualification test with the equipment provided at the time of the interview. Po