Georgia Employer EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHER in Riverdale, Georgia

* Ensure the overall supervision and daily functions of classes* Engage children with learning activities and imaginative play* Attend to children's basic needs* Feed and dressed children* Change diapers* Teach basic skills, such as color and shape recognition, letter and number recognition, personal hygiene, social skills.* Establish and enforced rules for behavior* Maintain order in classroom* Read books to children* Organize and led activities to promote child development* Assess children's developmental needs on an ongoing basis* Identify signs of behavioral or other problems in children* Discuss problems with supervisors and/or parents* Suggest ways to promote children's learning and development* Comply with all governmental regulations regarding the care of children* Participate in classroom set-up and clean-up* Participate in in-service trainings* Understand understanding of the responsibilities of a mandated reporter* Complete timely and accurate documentation* Work as a team member with other education staff* Provide a safe and healthy learning environment