San Juan Construction Quality Control Manager - Waterfront Project (Overseas Position - Marshall Islands) in Atlanta, Georgia

We are currently seeking a Quality Control Manager with waterfront experience for a project on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

  • 10+ years construction experience in Quality Control

  • Graduate Engineer, Graduate architect or a Graduate of construction management

  • CQM Certification from the USACE

  • Experience on projects $10M+

  • Experience on waterfront projects such as a pier or similar required

About The Organization:

San Juan Construction, Inc., recognized by Engineering News Record as one of the 'Top 50 Contractors Working Abroad', is a multi-disciplined construction company with an extensive resume and over 20 years experience managing commercial and government construction projects throughout the continental U.S., Hawaii, Pacific and Indian Ocean locations.

Description: Quality Control Manager will report to Project Manager and to the Corporate Quality Control Manager for compliance with corporate policies and procedures, and may report to the project Contracting Officer as specified in the government contract. Perform all work in a safe and professional manner.

Primary Function: The QC Manager plans, directs and coordinates all on-site Quality Control (QC) activities to ensure compliance with applicable company, owner, and government regulations and requirements. The QC Manager is responsible for implementing the QC Plan in its entirety and making appropriate and necessary changes to the plan throughout the project duration. Supports production personnel to ensure quality services. Develop, lead and maintain a team quality control working environment. Establish and maintain good working relationships with Government Inspectors/Contacts (CORs), QC Inspectors, Delivery Order Managers, Superintendents, Owner, Suppliers and Subcontractors.

Typical Duties: ◾Implements and enforces the Quality Control Plan. ◾Ensure daily site inspections are performed and directs all quality control personnel. ◾Attends the partnering meetings, QC Plan Meetings, Coordination and Mutual Understanding Meeting, conducts the QC meetings. ◾Manages and coordinates the (3) three phases of control and documentation performed by the QC Specialists, testing laboratory personnel and any other inspection and testing personnel required by the Contract. ◾Performs submittal review and approval, ensures testing is performed and provides QC certifications and documentation as required in the Contract. ◾Prepares or verifies development of preparatory phase checklist to be reviewed with all production personnel prior to each phase of construction. ◾Responsible for maintaining SJC project documentation required as related to Contract Manager QC procedures. ◾Responsible for upkeep of Government required QC programs, i.e. QCS, WebCM, etc. ◾Verifies development and maintenance of a submittal register for each project. ◾Primary point of contact for contractor Quality Control responsibilities and obligations. ◾Reviews and submits all submittal data to the Government. ◾Reviews and verifies submission of Daily Reports to the Government. ◾Documents all non-conforming work and corrective action to be taken. ◾Verifies correction of non-conforming work. ◾Disseminates Quality Control Plan, issues and objectives to all production personnel. ◾Verifies that required inspection and reporting is performed. ◾Responsible for submitting Requests for Information (RFI) and disseminating responses received. ◾Acts as the main point of contact for receiving and disseminating contract modifications. ◾Ensures as-built drawings are maintained. ◾Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner to get along with customers, co-workers and managers. ◾Other duties as assigned. Position Requirements: Must have:

  • waterfront experience

  • minimum 10 years experience as a QC Manager

  • Completed and certified in CQM for USACE.

Workers should be able to: Rate information using personal judgment of standards that can be measured or checked; Work within precise limits or standard of accuracy; Perform a variety of duties which may change often; Use reason and logic; Perform arithmetical operations rapidly and accurately; See detail in objects or drawings and recognize slight differences in shapes or shadings; and picture flat drawings as 3-dimensional objects. Physically, workers must be able to: Work easily and skillfully with hands; Climb and maintain balance on scaffold and ladder. See well (naturally or with correction) and distinguish colors; Reach for, handle, and manipulate objects and hand tools; Bend, crouch and work in small places; and lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds.