Georgia Employer CUSTOMER PROGRAM MANAGER in Atlanta, Georgia

Company Job ID-25613- The preparation phase which occurs before the first aircraft deployment and which covers topics like contract finalization, the acquisition of the various regulatory authorizations, system and product customization, trainings.- The deployment and activation phase which occurs when customer's aircraft are being delivered or embodied with systems supporting SITAONAIR's services and when services are being activated. This phase covers activities around logistics, provisioning, testing, marketing communication and specific in-service support.- The in-service phase that encompasses the continuous delivery of SITAONAIR's commitments in relation to service performance, customer support, passenger support, upgrades and improvements. The Customer Program Manager is in charge of the delivery of SITAONAIR's commitments across the three major phases above and is ultimately responsible for customer satisfaction.1. Key Responsibilities� Manage the customer's day-to-day relationship - be its main point of contact into SITAONAIR� Create and maintain a 360� expertise on the status and history of a Customer� Ensure Customer satisfaction throughout the duration of the agreement between SITAONAIR and the Customers whilst managing value for SITAONAIR� Ensure the timely and successful delivery according to customer needs and objectives and as per SITAONAIR's commitment to the customer:o Initial deployment and activation phaseo Service level agreement� Define, document and agree, on a regular basis, a customer-specific delivery schedule with customers and all SITAONAIR's departments, in particular for:o Aircraft deployment and activationo Future Product & Serviceso Enhancement requestso Corrections and implementation of formal improvement plans� Participate to the overall service and problem management process:o 1st escalation level from Customer Perspectiveo Provide information to Customer Service for continuous improvement� Actively support the work of SITAONAIR's departments with the customers in relation to the delivery of their targetso Marketing department for constant improvement of revenue and local implementation of the roadmapo Product Marketing and Management for the introduction of customer's change requests into SITAONAIR's roadmapo Sales department for upselling, cross-selling and churn preventiono Customer Serviceo Finance department for triggering, validating and following up on payment of invoices� Implementation of SITAONAIR's program management methodology and tools consistently across SITAONAIR's customer base (periodic reviews, steering committees, planning, change management)� Obtain customer acceptance of deliverables� Manage the customer in the delivery of its own contractual obligations� Prevention and management of crisis via timely and structured communication and escalation (on OnAir side as well as on customer's side)� Define, document and maintain an up-to-date view of the organization of the customer including contact details for daily business as well as for escalation purposes.� Create and maintain close relationship with every department in OnAir to generate global commitment toward the delivery of SITAONAIR's quality standards� Provides full support to Sales in acquiring new business in the assigned region� Proactive involvement with Sales and Marketing to identify new and/or alternate means to increase passenger usage, develop partnership opportunities with third parties� Manage budget and project P&L during the initial deployment and activation phase� Directly or indirectly manage third party service and equipment suppliers� Validate purchase orders to third party suppliers and corresponding invoices� Validate customer commissioning statements for revenue sha